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" Nowadays employers need experienced freshers. The processes of Internship will full fill this current Industry requirement. An Internship is a chance for the students to get experience and exposure in your career field. It is also a great chance for the students and fresher to gain important knowledge and skills in real time environment without any permanent commitment

Candidates looking for a good professional career can maximize their chances of getting placed in topmost companies by taking up an Internship programme. This can make a important change in his/her career. The goal of Internship programme is to deliver undergraduate or graduate candidates an advanced learning process with all possible outcomes to be extracted from them and develop upon their skills and transform them into better professionals of experience and quality. With some hands ¬on experience at our company, we can mould the candidates into individuals who are talented of developing their own ideas and implementing these ideas into projects

At our company, we help candidates get hands ¬on experience by working with live projects. Candidates can become specialists in their field of interest and can appoint themselves as project leaders. The candidate is assigned to a trainer who will guide him/her and help understand in detail all aspects of his/her field of interest. We provide wide and exciting range of opportunities for getting trained in various courses.

The average duration of an Internship differs from 5 days to 45days. Duration may vary according to the requirement of training and convenience of the candidates. Days and timings are made flexible.


• Internships will give a complete awareness about the industry.
• Internships will help to experience the real time work environments before graduation.
• Internships will provide a platform to meet and work with professionals, establishing contacts with them for letters of reference and networking.
• Internships will give a chance to apply knowledge, gained from coursework to on the job situations.