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IT Projects

" Crypters provide integrated and complete training programs in the field of Information Technology. The goal of our training programs is to provide practical experience to the candidate and to enhance their Employability Skills. During the training session, candidates are deployed on the real projects with real timelines deliveries, processes and methodology. In this phase, candidates gains exposure to the real Software Development Cycle and come out from the theoretical and bookish knowledge they carry from college. The focus is to make the candidate “Hands On” and more productive in his/her segment. Apart from this the trainees have to follow the standard operating procedure, documentation, project management and collaboration tools used for large team interaction especially in Offshore Development Model.

Crypters provide real time and academic projects for all type of IT students. We offer Windows and Web based Academic Projects for IT Students, as part of their MCA, BE, B Tech, BCA, M.Sc and B.Sc ( Computer Science, IT) courses . Students can discover the project concepts and our team helps students to learn, develop, deploy and present this as projects. These projects will give an excellent exposure to cutting edge technologies. Our team will help students to successfully submit academic projects and there by adding more values to their resumes. Projects can be done in multiple domains, including: ASP.NET, C#, Java and PHP.

Mini Projects

During the academic period, the candidates have to submit a mini-project on a chosen topic. A mini project is nothing but sort of model project to the final Main project. We provide a platform for candidates to do their academic projects. We provide robust infrastructure along with interactive learning environment to candidates.

Main Projects

Doing Main project is a difficult task for many students. While some of them take it wholeheartedly, others always want to get rid of it. Remember, facing problems is inevitable while doing the project. Here in Crypters, candidates will get all the support from our experienced IT professionals that can help you develop your final year project successful.

Main project is the most crucial part of your academic course. Doing the project is a good chance for you to practice the concept that you have learnt during the course. Hence, doing the project is more difficult than the theoretical paper. In theory, the student has to just recollect and write what he has learnt. But, remembering the concepts forever through this approach is not so effective. Here comes the need of doing a project. Crypters provide a platform for candidates to do their academic projects. We provide robust infrastructure along with interactive learning environment to candidates.

Live Projects

We have included LIVE Projects as an integral part of the training courses through which candidates can get opportunity to work under real software development environment. During the LIVE Project training candidates gain exposure to deal with real software development scenarios and they also get exposure to project management tools, standard documentation and operating procedures that adds value to their professional profile


• Confirmation Letter
• Detailed Synopsis of the project
• Introduction to project sessions
• Requirements Analysis
• High Level Design
• Coding/ Testing/ Debugging
• Documentation
• Certifications
• Presentations

PROJECT Highlights

• Real time IT Project Exposure
• Real Projects and NOT In-House Projects
• Real Clients and Real Timelines to Meet (Pressure Handling)
• Real Software Development Life cycle
• Collaboration and Project Management Tools
• IT Company Exposure along with Corporate Policies and Processes

Special Features on “Project Guidance”

Class Room / Lab

The ambience in the classrooms and laboratories will make the students comfortable and concentrate on their studies. Our Lab is equipped with computers of advanced configuration. All the systems are networked with server and managed by System Administrator. Uninterrupted Power Supply will make our lab function without interruption. For online teaching fulltime internet connection is provided.

Teaching Mode

Our Time Management gives the students to get ample time to work with computers. So the students acquire equal skill in theory as well as practical, which help them to achieve their career goals to the high end.


Well qualified professionals with abundant experience handle our curriculum. Our Training team is in regular touch with up to date developments in the field of Computer and information technology and updates the training mode regularly to meet the needs and demands of the industry.

Student's Feedback

Every student can forward their feedback about academic matters to Crypters top level management by filling the feedback form. The student can specify their requirements, suggestions on training and other academic matters. Feedback will be confidential. Every week the management will verify the feedback form and will take necessary action.